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So, in nov-2021, Subaru teamed up again with the National Park Foundation: Subaru Cars, Sedans, SUVs | Subaru of America
"In addition to being the largest corporate partner of the National Park Foundation..."

And yet, when you go looking for NPF and "electric vehicle" we get: Partnerships Result In Up To 100 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Across Parks (U.S. National Park Service)
"The partnership brings together the efforts of the National Park Foundation, National Park Service (NPS), Department of Energy and now BMW of North America to make electric vehicles a feasible option for travel to national parks."

When I think of car manufacturers supporting national parks, I never think of BMW. Maybe the largest corporate partner of the National Park Foundation can team up with BMW to build a few more EV charging stations at national parks.

Not that I expect any EV charging stations to be added to national parks in the great state of Texas. Subaru of America would do better to team up with the National Rifle Association to build EV charging stations at Texans' greatest adventure: rifle ranges. ;). (not for the faint of heart: The Deer Wagon: I Traded My Silverado for a Subaru—and I Don’t Regret It)

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They seriously need level 3 charging stations between southern Wyoming and Yellowstone. Unless you have a Tesla, how are you supposed to get to the park in an EV?
And even if you DO have a Tesla... it's not an easy trip (especially once you GET to Yellowstone). Yeah, I considered driving whatever new EV we get this summer(-ish). We'll be taking our 2021 Outback instead this September.
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