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Hey, all, today was finally my turn to check out the Solterra that I ordered way back in April. Long story short, I didn't take delivery. I did an earlier test drive with their demo and I took a short drive in "mine" today. Seems like a great car. The EV portion isn't the greatest, but it should be sufficient for most people, I would think. I assume that Toyota/Subaru will work out some of the bugs with charging, one-pedal, etc. The main issue for me was that I purchased a Chevy Bolt EUV in September and we just love it! I was still willing to move to the Solterra, but with the loss of the tax credit for the Solterra and the full tax credit available for new Bolts, the math just didn't work for me any more. Not thrilled with how Subaru has performed throughout this rollout, either. I've really enjoyed this group. I plan to stick around to see how things go and to contribute where I can. Probably won't read every post anymore! :ROFLMAO:

So, on to the important part!

Here's my order that's available, Smoked Carbon Limited with nothing added: JTMABABA6PA011096.
They also have a white Limited with floor mats. JTMABABA5PA007203. (Pretty sure this is the matching VIN.)
You can enter the VIN at this site to get all the details. Subaru Window Sticker

My order was at Schlossmann Subaru City of Milwaukee, 414-281-9100. We purchased an Ascent through them a couple years ago and they were great, as they have been through this process. They're one of the dealers who never mark up over MSRP, so I think those dealers should be rewarded.

Good luck to you all, whether you've already got your Solterra or are still waiting.
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