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Took the wife + Minions to SubieFest yesterday... Which had a lot of issues going on, but that's another discussion altogether...
Definitely had low expectations of a pre-production Solterra being on display and my expectations were totally warranted. No Solterra in the SOA display area.
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A lot of other Subaru's on hand... Even a WRX rolling on Tesla wheels. The family was....
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As it was driving in with us.

The best two vehicles, in our minor and skewed judgement was Bucky Lasek's BRAT, and a near mint Turbo Baja. :ROFLMAO:

So glad I washed the wagon to get parked in a dusty parking lot. 🙃

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Oh wow, Baja is one of my favorites definitely.
Not surprised about the Solterra. Hoping that Subaru makes it their “own” with some Subie specific touches. I am not a fan of the Toyota infotainment system but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker at this point.

I've been scouring YT and other websites for first-looks, but not much else yet. I'm hoping for 250+ miles of range and reasonable (400 Wh/mi to 500 Wh/mi) consumption metrics. I like the higher ground clearance compared to some other EV's.
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