It seems like the only STIs that are going to be coming from Subaru will be the Solterra instead of the WRX.

Given today's April Fools Day I hope this is some kind of a joke but Subaru did say that there wasn't going to be a STI for the new WRX.

The end of an era was announced earlier this month when Subaru confirmed that a next-generation WRX STI is no longer in the cards. The official reason makes sense, despite the disappointment. Upcoming new fuel-efficiency regulations no longer allow for a viable business case for a rally-inspired performance, combustion-powered road car. But, this does not mean the STI division is being shuttered. The opposite is true. Electrification means all kinds of new possibilities for engineers and designers to explore.

And today we're finding out about the first road-going project. Subaru says plans are now in place to launch the Solterra STI in time for the 2025 model year. This means that the WRX STI's replacement will be an electric vehicle. Shocked? You shouldn't be. An inside source at the Japanese automaker told CarBuzz the decision was a no-brainer.

"Full-on battery electrification has won the future powertrain war and we fully intend to be a part of it. Electrifying an STI-branded vehicle is our chance to show what's possible." But why use the Solterra? Why not a new sedan, something we're very familiar with? Because crossovers, especially the midsize and compact segments, are immensely popular right now and are expected to remain so for years ahead.

Like its corporate twin, the Toyota bZ4X, the Solterra is a compact crossover with dimensions that make it ideal for the STI treatment. To compare, the new 2022 WRX measures 184 inches long, 72 inches wide, and 58 inches tall. The Solterra's are the following: 184.6 x 73.3 x 65. Chances are the 2025 Solterra STI's ground clearance will be lowered slightly following numerous suspension modifications and new wheels and tires.

It's still too soon to put an exact figure on pricing, but we already know the regular Solterra will carry a base price of $42,000 before the federal tax incentive and any other state-by-state benefits. The WRX begins at $29,105, an $11k+ premium over the cheapest Impreza sedan. It's certainly possible Subaru will request a significant premium for the Solterra STI, especially if it'll be built in relatively limited numbers.
"Expect more information to come out over the next few months," our inside source added. They further hinted a concept version is about one year away, so figure April 1, 2023.