On the Subaru reservation website they have some FAQs about the reservation process.

One of the biggest things that they mention is that once you place a reservation you can't switch dealers.

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What is a Subaru Solterra Retailer Reservation Opportunity?⁠
The Solterra Retailer Reservation Opportunity offers customers a unique chance to be among the first to purchase or lease the all-new 2023 Solterra. The reservation process allows you to select your preferred Subaru retailer, configure your desired Solterra trim and color, and pay a refundable reservation fee of $250.

Completing the Reservation Process does not constitute a vehicle purchase or lease and does not guarantee that your desired Solterra trim and color will be available. Subaru will make every effort to fulfill all reservation orders with the exact vehicle ordered, but final orders, pricing, availability, and financing will be agreed upon with your Subaru retailer between April-May 2022, subject to pricing announcement.

Once the customer has completed the Reservation Process the customer cannot go back and change the selected Subaru retailer.

What does it mean to “Join a Waitlist”?
“Join a Waitlist” means that a participating retailer has no additional capacity for reservations at that time. Joining a waitlist signals to a retailer that you want to be contacted if a Reservation Opportunity becomes available in the future. You may join the waitlist for more than one retailer.

Can I make more than one reservation?
No more than one Reservation Opportunity per person for a 2023 Solterra is permitted. A multi-person household may have more than one reservation if the reservation holders are separate customers.

What happens to the refundable $250 reservation deposit once I submit it?
Subaru will hold all deposits in a secure non-interest bearing account. Deposits can be applied to the final sold order for a 2023 Solterra by the selected retailer. If you and your retailer are unable to finalize your order within 30 days of the April-May 2022 pricing announcement, your $250 refund will be automatically processed which may take six to eight weeks.

Can I cancel my Solterra reservation?
Yes. Your $250 deposit will be fully refunded once the cancellation has processed. How you cancel will depend on your date of cancellation. Refunds may take six-eight weeks to process:

Cancellations before pricing is announced: Fill out the form on Subaru.com or by calling Subaru Customer Support at 1-800- SUBARU3 (1-800-782-2783).

Cancellations after the pricing announcement: Contact your selected Subaru retailer.

If your selected participating retailer is unable to finalize your order after the pricing announcement, your reservation will be automatically canceled and the $250 deposit will be refunded which may take six to eight weeks to process.

Can I make changes to my vehicle selection after I submit my reservation opportunity?
Yes. Once pricing is announced, you and your retailer can finalize your order. During this time you will have the opportunity to discuss any changes with your retailer. After the sold order is finalized, it cannot be changed.

When will my vehicle be available?⁠
Your selected retailer will contact you when your Solterra is available for delivery. Delivery times will vary based on production and availability. Your retailer will assist in estimating the date of vehicle delivery before your final order is placed.

What do I use to reference my deposit with the dealer?⁠
You will need to provide your first name, last name, email, and zip code.

How long does it take to refund my reservation deposit?⁠
Reservation deposits may take up to six to eight weeks to process after cancellation.

How long will Subaru hold my reservation deposit?
Subaru will hold your deposit until your 2023 Solterra is delivered, or you cancel your reservation. Deposits can only be applied to a Solterra and cannot be applied toward another Subaru vehicle.