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Subaru Gold?

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Has anyone opted for Subaru Gold? I can't get the details on it from our dealer other than, . . . "It’s Subaru Added Security since you only get a 3 yr or 36 k warranty, it actually functions Better than what comes with the car as it fixes thinking that are not working correctly rather then waiting for it to fail plus guarantees loaner, roadside assistance and travel assistance."

I generally don't purchase things like extended warranties, but with a first generation vehicle I'm curious if many of you are purchasing it.
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8 year 80k and $100 deductible at $1448 looks like MSRP to me. Thts the same price I have here in writing.
I believe service under the warranty can be provided by any Subaru dealer, right? So if I could buy that plan from your dealer, and get it serviced here by my dealer (who wants much more for the extended warranty) seems like a no brainer. What dealer are you working with?
My dealer in Vermont offered the Gold 10 year/100K w/$100 deductible for $3150. That is $150 less than shown on this chart from a dealer in Erie, PA.
This table shows the 8yr/80K/$100 plan at $2275. Who is offering it for $1448?
It was Twin City Subaru in Berling, VT, but... That may be the pricing they gave me for buying the car at MSRP....
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