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(These Subaru news releases are all dated 3-mar-2022.)

Two senior VPs out, and a cost management organizational change, at Subaru Corp Headquarters:

Executive compensation is changing to "further motivate the Directors and Officers to contribute to the Subaru Group's business performance".
"the Company will link their compensation more closely to its business performance and raise the ratio of stock compensation to their total compensation."

For just under $1B, Subaru is creating a new US Subsidiary called "Subaru USA Holdings Inc." which provides the corporate services and other similar services to the subsidiaries within its region, and thereby enhance the management base and internal control.
Notice of Establishment of Holding Company and Change to Specified Subsidiary in the US | NewsRelease | Subaru Corporation
(I didn't understand the purpose of that at all.)

So, it looks like Subaru is trying to respond to current market forces.
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