Subaru debuted the Japanese market Solterra today and here you can find all the info they made available so far.

SUBARU announces "SOLTERRA", the first BEV to be deployed globally

~ Subaru-like SUV realized with BEV ~
SUBARU today unveiled the new BEV * 1 "SOLTERRA" for the first time in the world on November 11, 2021 .

New BEV Solterra (prototype)
* 1: Battery Electric Vehicle

When SUBARU developed "Solterra" as the first BEV to be deployed globally, it aimed to be the foundation of the BEV that SUBARU will create in the future, surpassing the various expectations that BEVs are now required, and providing practicality that can be selected with peace of mind. Making a car with you. At the same time, as a SUBARU SUV, it is a car that customers who are accustomed to riding SUBARU will feel, "This is definitely SUBARU."

"Soltera" is packed with new value unique to BEV and the value unique to SUBARU that we have cultivated over many years, "safety and enjoyment", while considering the global environment, SUBARU so far. As with the SUV lineup, we have created a car that can be used with peace of mind.

The vehicle outline of "Soltera" is as follows.

Exterior / Interior

-The exterior is a seamlessly shaped hexagon grill that expresses the energy efficiency of a BEV.
The body with the horizontal axis starting from the grill and the dynamic fenders protruding from the inside insist on the strength of an SUV.

-For the interior, an open space is realized by the instrument panel molding that suppresses the height and the top mount meter (first adopted by SUBARU) placed on the upper part of the instrument panel when viewed from above the steering wheel.

e-SUBARU Global Platform

-Using the knowledge cultivated in the Subaru Global Platform, which has been highly acclaimed so far, we have jointly developed the e-Subaru Global Platform with Toyota Motor Corporation (hereinafter, Toyota) as a BEV-only platform. The e-Subaru Global Platform realizes SUBARU-like dynamic driving that has high steering stability and responds linearly to the driver's steering operation.

-In addition, as a structure unique to BEV, a large-capacity battery is mounted on the lower part of the car body, and by utilizing that battery as a part of the skeleton, a low center of gravity height and high body strength and rigidity are realized.

Driving performance ・ AWD (all-wheel drive) system

-As an AWD system unique to BEV, we have adopted a new system that drives the front and rear wheels with separate motors. Taking advantage of the technology that SUBARU has accumulated over many years to precisely control the four tires, the high responsiveness that is possible because of the motor, and the flexible front-rear driving force distribution, a sense of security that maximizes the grip of the four wheels. Achieves high driving performance.

-In addition, like the conventional SUBARU SUV model, we have adopted X-MODE, which enhances the sense of security on rough roads. By adding Grip Control, which enables the vehicle to run at a constant speed while stabilizing the vehicle even on rough roads, the running performance is further enhanced.


-By devising the skeleton shape of each part of the body and optimizing the material strength, we have achieved both weight reduction and high collision safety performance.

-In the unlikely event of a collision, the structure that smoothly transmits the load to multiple body skeletons efficiently absorbs the collision energy. It not only protects the occupants, but also protects the high-voltage equipment peculiar to BEV, which requires high safety.

For more information on vehicles, please see the Solterra special page on the SUBARU official website.
<SUBARU official website Solterra special page>

"Soltera" is an important step for SUBARU, which has a desire to be a "company that creates smiles," to face the challenges of global warming and climate change and continue to create smiles in the future. ..
Then, Toyota and SUBARU, which entered into a new business and capital alliance in September 2019, brought together technologies and knowledge that are their strengths under the slogan "Let's make a better car," and the engineers of both companies jointly developed it while working hard. It's a car.

The new BEV "Soltera" is scheduled to be introduced in Japan, the United States / Canada, Europe, China, etc. by the middle of 2022.

[Main specifications of Solterra (Japanese specifications, in-house measured values)]

FWD carAWD car
Overall length x width x height (mm)4,690 x 1,860 x 1,650
Indoor length (mm)1,940
Indoor width (mm)1,515
Indoor height (mm)1,160 (normal / solar roof specification)
1,145 (glass roof specification)
Riding capacity (person)Five
Wheelbase (mm)2,850
Minimum turning radius (m)5.7
Minimum ground clearance (mm)210
Vehicle weight (kg)1,930 ~2,020 ~
Gross vehicle weight (kg)2,205 ~2,295 ~
One charge mileage (WLTC mode, standard for Japan) (km)Around 530Around 460
motorkindsAC synchronous motor
Maximum output (front) (kW)15080
Maximum output (rear) (kW)---80
Maximum output (system) (kW)150160
Power batterykindsLithium ion battery
Total electric energy (kWh)71.4
Total voltage (V)355
AC charger maximum output (kW)6.6
DC charger maximum output (kW)Up to 150
SteeringRack parallel electric power steering
Suspension type [front / rear]Strut type coil spring / Double wishbone type coil spring
Brake [front / rear]Ventilated disc / ventilated disc
Drive systemFront-wheel drive systemAll-wheel drive system
wheel18 inch wheel18 inch wheel
20 inch wheel
tire size235 / 60R18235 / 60R18
235 / 50R20