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Has anyone else noticed that the software in the multimedia system is incorrect for the type of charger being used?

I have seen several posts about not getting expected charging speeds when on a DC charger. I’ve only charged my car three times however, when I go into settings >
vehicle customize >
charging >
it seems that the car software has the type of charger reversed. I am currently plugged in to a level two Volta charger and my options under the settings are:

charging current: Max
charging limit: 90%
connector lock: auto lock
DC charge power: max
I will attach a photo but the first three options are grayed out and I can not select them while charging using a Level 2 charger. The only available option to adjust is DC charge power & when I click on this my options are 50% 75% or Max.

The other times I have charged, I have used 2 different level three chargers. One was Volta and the other and an EVGO. Both times. All of the settings were grayed out, except for the top “charging current”, which was selectable to change the options.

It appears that the car thinks a DC charger should be using the “charging
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current” settings and a level two charger should be using the DC charge power settings. This may explain why so many different issues with getting an expected charging speed on a DC charger.

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Ahhhh…that makes more sense. Still strange that very few people get a speed over 35kwph while using DC charging.
That's partly a function of cold weather, and partly the super-conservative charging curve Toyota programmed into the car. Even when anything close to 100 kW is possible, it doesn't last very long into the 0-100% DC charging cycle.

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DC charging speed is curved! I get 86kW charging when started at 5%. So.... it is how DC charging works......
But most EVs will get close to their rated max for a long time, and only really start falling off over 60% or 70% or something like that. I would expect the Solterra to get close to 100kW for a substantial portion of its curve. Certainly at 5% you should be getting that. But the Solterra drops off after about 25% SoC, which makes a big difference in charging times.

BTW, I just got "the call" from my dealer this morning - mine just arrived and is being prepped for delivery.
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