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Interesting article I saw this morning saying that Siemens partnered with ConnectDER to make an adapter that sits behind your power meter. This is interesting for me, as Indiana\AES has a program for installing a second meter on a homeowner-installed meter base, which this would be installed with. This seems like it could negate the need for running power to a second panel and installing 40/50/60 amp circuits.

I'm planning on using level 1 for a few months anyway (if this comes, it won't be until next year), and would be running power through a conduit from the side of my house 20 feet to my garage, so it seems like this would do the trick while reducing costs for installation/parts.


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This is all fine and dandy if your meter is close to your parking spot. Not if located in a area with grouped meters aka Condo....

Definitely thinking out of the box for bypassing the electrical panel limitations.

Although it could cause other issues. 馃挜
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Tucson Electric Power recently approved these "socket adapters" for use with solar. Some studies I read online say they save $500-$1,500 for the solar install.

So linking this with the Level 2 charger discussion, it would appear to be a very inexpensive way to add the 50 Amp circuit for your EV charger. When they install our solar with a socket adapter in the next few months, they will also add a 240V, 50A circuit for our Level 2. Also like you, we will use a Level 1 for a while. We won't be driving 200 miles a day, hence can live with the slower charging for a while.
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