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Regenerative braking

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Is there a difference in recharge effectiveness between the S-Pedal and max setting with the paddle shifter?

Also, my paddle shifter setting is not remembered from trip to trip. Is there somewhere that you can set what you want your default to be?
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If you want coasting, don’t use S Pedal, simply pick a deceleration rate with the paddles and keep your foot over that brake pedal just in case.

Otherwise, the idea is to let off the S Pedal a bit to obtain the desired deceleration rate. If you take your foot off of the accelerator completely, you will always get the most deceleration In S Pedal mode.

If you don’t want to throw your passengers against their seatbelts or make them woozy, go light on letting off and adjust as necessary. It’s a fine touch.

The paddles are a lot easier to understand and deal with if you have passengers. Smoother.
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