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Just because I’m somewhat of a geek, I’m wondering to what extent the over the air updates have over which systems? Obviously we’ve got a full-on updatable Infotainment system with cloud navigation and, apparently, also connective voice control systems including HVAC, wipers etc., but wonder if, like Tesla, Ford and VW, these updates include: battery/range management; motor ECU; braking (regenerative); safety driving assist; center display functions/layout (which BTW, look very outdated with primitive graphics in the Solterra), which may also have at least some OTA capability. I’ve been looking also to the new Lexus NX (I think?) and Toyota Tundra which also have the big screen and seemingly nearly identical Infotainment and Toyota SS 3.0 for clues.

Anybody geekier, smarter or more connected than I have any ideas or insight? We keep our cars for a decade plus so this seems like damn good feature as a first run emerging technology vehicle for the two marques.
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