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These were "found" on Reddit, apparently some testing in action. I did not take these photos.

Also, "Obsidian Black Pearl" has been the traditional name for Subaru's black paint for quite a few years. I don't know if this is the actual paint color name for the Solterra.

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Automotive tail & brake light Car Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Grille

Car Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Tire

I have to say, I rather enjoy that second photo. It looks more like a "wagon" or "sedan sportback" than it does a traditional SUV or crossover. Which is kind of what I'm looking for.

Fingers crossed.

Edit - OEM tires are Bridgestones, yuck.

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Yeah, understood for sure. We are in the process now of getting a 2022 Outback for my wife and I’ll be trading my 2017 Forester XT in on the Solterra. I’ll miss the forester, but the timing is perfect for me considering the value in used cars right now.

That said, I will be leasing this vehicle which will be a first for me. It seems like the smart choice considering where the bettery tech could go in 3 years not to mention the different models that may quickly be offered in EV. Very much looking forward to this adventure though.
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