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I just picked up my Black Limited yesterday and have so many questions. Please let me know if I need to break these out into different posts.

1. From what I understand, the installation of the charger is eligible for the tax credit. Does this have to be done by certain companies or can a local electrician install it?

2. Can I set it up to NOT use my phone as a key but still have all the other stuff (Solterra connect) on my phone? I want to use the fobs and bluetooth for Android Auto.

3. Can the S-Pedal be set to be on by default?

4. Can drive mode be set to Eco by default?

5. Can you get a 120V charge cable that will do more amps if you have a 20A circuit?

6. My insurance company is asking these questions and I am unsure of the answers:
Is this vehicle equipped with the following?:
Anti-theft device
Automatic Emergency Braking (Must be factory installed)
Blind Spot Warning (Must be factory installed)

7. If there is a FAQ for these questions, let me know. If not, can one be created?

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These notes are intended for US models, but many will apply for non-US models.

1. California energy company rebates don’t require a specific installer and usually have a separate rebate for the wiring and for the EVSE (”charger”). Federal tax credits (has been 30%) apply to both the wiring and the EVSE. The Subaru rebate was specific to a company for which many are finding they are paying that company more than a qualified local electrician and the EVSE they would otherwise prefer.

2. Yes, I have mine set up that way.

3. No, not unless they make changes to the software. It’s not “sticky” - in resets to off every time the vehicle is restarted.

4. The drive mode (Eco, Normal, Power) is “sticky” - it stays how you set it.

5. I am pretty sure if you can find one with a 20A connector on it, it would probably handshake with the Solterra and they should agree to supply 16A. That said, I have never looked for one and I am not sure about the one that GM ships with the Chevy Bolt, as an example, which has a couple of different adapters that I believe are more than just wire - I think the adapter tells the portable EVSE how much power it supports and what to offer to the car. I think the Bolt version came only with two adapters, while I have seen five shown to exist. Possibly some of those are non-North American versions of plugs. Again, while possible, look closely.

6. Anti-theft: yes
AEB from factory: yes
BSM from factory: yes

7. Unknown, but here are answers to some great questions that many/most buyers/owners would want to know.

Enjoy, we’re enjoying ours - driving and ownership and getting range without visiting a gas station

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Welcome to the forum @jlamarmiller and welcome to Solterra ownership!

Feel free to share your experiences, positive and negative. And don't hesitate to ask questions (also, get used to using the search tool - it's not perfect but it can help you find out if someone has already asked a similar question).
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