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I'd hope of independent motor control on AWD vehicle, lol. X-Mode bonus.

  • Driving that leverages motor drive characteristics
  • Improved turning and stability through independent control of front and rear motors (AWD)
  • Adoption of Subaru's AWD technology and X-MODE (AWD vehicle, a first for Toyota). Also, Grip-Control was newly developed and installed as a new feature for X-MODE. By leveraging motor drive characteristics, it is suited to everything from everyday driving to light off-road driving and more, achieving off-road performance exceeding expectations in BEVs

I'd rather have a solar panel or traditional roof -vs- all glass sunroof. No verbiage on output of panel, but trivial if 1800Km per year. Especially without how many hours per day to achieve that number.

  • Roof solar panel (specially equipped vehicles)

Generates electricity equivalent to 1,800 km of driving distance per year (in-house estimate), contributing to superb cruising range. Can charge in parking lots where there are no charging stations, and solar power can be used to charge in disasters or other emergencies
460Km.... ~287 miles... Probably what we were expecting to see. With 7.7seconds for 0-62...

In other news... Porsche is working with Toyota to revamp the MR2
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