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HDMI Input Terminal (accessory)

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Has anyone found a part number for the HDMI Input Terminal, which I have seen as at least a Japanese domestic market accessory for the Solterra?

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My use case is that while parked, I want to be able to view a graphical console for a Raspberry Pi through its HDMI (or micro HDMI) output on the multimedia display.
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Their infotainment system may be programmed differently to accept it. It may do nothing for you in North America.
That is a risk which I am willing to take for an $80 (exchange rate) part. It makes it far easier than having a small LCD display for the Pi.

But I very much appreciate your comment.
I’m looking forward to seeing if you can get it working. If so, I will also get one haha
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@n6nl did you ever get this working on your USA car?
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