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Hello! My wife and I ended up with our Solterra on January 3rd, 2023 due to a typo of all things! We live close to Memphis, TN. We originally placed our allocation on February 8th, 2022 as soon as it opened up and paid the $250 deposit. Got an email from Subaru on the evening of April 26, 2022 and we placed our order the very next day since the dealership was already closed. We ordered the Solterra Touring in Galactic Black with every feature available, and the all weather mats. They said delivery was scheduled for August of 2022. August comes around and like everyone else, no car yet due to the recall etc. Delivery date is now scheduled for December 2022. December comes around and I see people are getting emails with vin numbers that ordered after the first day of ordering, but no email for us. My Subaru sales associate and I could only assume that the east and west coasts were getting their deliveries first for some reason. Well I get a call from my sales associate on January 2nd saying they have a Solterra unexpectedly coming in the next day. I ask how it’s possible and it turns out that the GM had ordered one for a family member/friend or something and Im guessing he may have had the ability to get one sooner than most. Turns out that the one he ordered is the exact same spec as the one we did with the exception of the exterior color. He had ordered a Smoked Carbon Gray when he was supposed to order White. Apparently the color codes were very similar on the order page in the system. It shows up and my wife and I test drive it and were immediately sold on it. Even though we ordered black, the gray was the next choice and my personally preferred color over the black. Paperwork is signed, Prius is traded in for equity, and we end up with a new Solterra! We absolutely LOVE it, it is the coolest and most high tech car we have ever had. Our black one is still scheduled for march, but I don’t think we need two Solterras so I will get a refund from Subaru for the $250. According to our dealer, we have the first Solterra in the tri state area and possibly further until March. I also wanted to include that this one was built in March of 2022 (last 6 of vin 000642), so was probably sitting at a port for months on end lol.
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