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Please use this new area for all Recall and & TSB announcements. Having one place for all of them should make searching the forums an easier process.

When posting a new thread about a Recall / TSB campaign...

PLEASE put the identifier in the subject line of the thread. This will help forum staff merge threads if need be. AND allow members an easier way to find results when they search...

TSB 15-240-19R
RECALL: WRK21 / NHTSA Campaign 21V955000
RECALL: WRG-21 / WRD-20 : Fuel Pump Impeller Failure

IF a TSB turns into a recall, that thread will be updated accordingly.

Blanket THIS SHOULD BE A RECALL threads will not be accepted in this sub-forum. This is for specified information only to help Members research published resolutions for their Solterra.


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