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This being my first new car in a while, the subject of emergency brake vs. parking brake came up with some friends, and so I looked in the manual to see how that works with these new-fangled electric parking brakes.

I have my parking brake configured to automatically release and apply as the shifter is actuated, so I never actually use the parking brake switch.

Importantly, for the electric parking brake on the Solterra (from p. 244 of a version of the Owner’s manual):

Pull and hold the parking brake switch if an emergency occurs and it is necessary to operate the parking brake while driving.
In the ”old days”, we’d just step on it or pull up on the lever, but in this case, you can get emergency braking from the parking brake by pulling up on the switch. Braking occurs as long as the switch is held up (and 12V power is available to actuate the brake).

It is a separate system from the normal brakes, so it does qualify as an emergency backup system.

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Yep, I have demonstrated this for my family in my Outback. It was fun to watch their reaction as the switch is held at 3 mph... :tacobanana:

It helped my Minions understand what options they have when out and about with Grandma in her Outback... (Heavy right foot, slow on the brakes, eyesight FTW 😟)
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