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Yes, that is what we would hope for. Unfortunately, there is no inventory to sell at a discount. And with much of the inflation now sticky, don't see pricing coming down anytime soon, actually the opposite for at least the next year. But if demand drops off due to the economy, that could at least allow some that do have money to move up the line a bit. I am seeing a little anecdotal evidence of that, but that seems to be more than countered by those that can and will buy at any price. What we need most is more supply, which doesn't seem to be happening.

In my case, I want an EV, not necessarily any EV. So far only the Solterra and Ioniq 5 qualify for me, although for different reasons. Once I get one, I can wait for the next one. My biggest regret is the early selling of my Kona EV this spring, after 3 years of wonderful use. It really was a good car, just not one that fits my long term. Meanwhile we have have to make do with sharing our Crosstrek, which is another good car for our needs, except that it is an ICE vehicle. Just hope that we don't have an accident, or need some major repair putting it out of service for a while. We would really be hooped then.
I agree I don't see prices coming down soon in the near future for EV's. Just this week (I'm in Oregon) I got an email from a local Hyundai salesman letting me know he had one white Ioniq 5 AWD SEL in-transit and I could have it with a $7,500 ADM. Another local VW dealership is offering a used 2021 ID.4 with 15K miles for $57K. Just two examples of in the last 48 hours that I came across.
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