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I've been following this technology for a number of years and a few times a year I dig around and see what's new. The stuff I pulled up today feels almost like I'm being an ad for ElectReon, but there are a number of other companies working on identical technology. I keep waiting for some different technologies like microwave or lasers to creep into the research to boost the power potential, but so far everything is centered around the same coil-based technology as phones are using.

I've also mentioned this in a couple threads and from some of the comments I feel like there was a bit of confusion with the wireless phone charging -- so I just thought I'd throw these links into a new thread to share the info and not steer any other threads in a different direction.

May 27, 2021 - How Electric Roads Could Power the Future (Bloomberg, Ford, ElectReon)
Apr 23, 2022 - Tech Company Turns Streets Into Charging Pads on Gotland Island in Sweden (NBC Report, ElectReon)
May 17, 2022 - Wireless EV charging - ElectReon

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