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So here's my review -
So far I've driven Terra (my kids named the car) about 100 miles and enjoyed every moment of it. Things anyone else reading might want to keep in mind though :
  • I traded in a 2015 Toyota Corolla. Before that my last car was a 1984 Volvo 240. I didn't drive, at all, for 12 years between 2003 and 2015.
  • The Solterra is the first SUV sized thing I've driven for longer than 3 days (i.e. not a rental)
  • The Solterra is the first EV I've owned or driven.
  • The longest trip taken was from my house to the airport and back
  • Weather conditions have been Washington area - close to freezing or slightly below all day I've been driving.
Ok so all of that said here's where I'm at : I love this car :-D. Here's why -

1- Driving
Driving this thing is great. The center of gravity feels like it's ~8 inches off the ground which is no surprise at all. It's sticks to the road great but also feels VERY nimble - more so than my Corrolla, which was smaller. More so even than my wife's Fit which is definitely smaller. Visibility has not been a problem at all. The sight lines are weird - I was always trained to look over the shoulder for blind spot checking. I still do this but over my left shoulder I don't see much at all. Fortunately the wing mirrors are great. At the driven off the lot setting they were semi incorrect, but still big enough that I could see into the blind areas AND the warning light in the wing mirror are sufficiently noticeable as well. It feels safer to drive around than the Corolla for sure.

2 - Range and charging
So, again, no long trips. I've had a level 2 charger installed the day I had the car (coincidence, I'd pre planned for the delivery on 12/10). Level 2 charging times back to full have so far been less than 3 hours (so not going low on SOC yet). I plugged into DC fast charging once for fun - it was as slow as expected so no surprises there.
Range wise the app reports at full charge ~ 300 miles of range (* with no climate control). But immediatly in the car it's at ~240 from the word go. That drops fast BUT I find that doing the Eco driving and Climate control mode gets a lot of range back. Do I think it's great for super long trips? Meh maybe. But I don't make many of those,and when I do having an excuse to walk around for a bit and take a break from the road is how I prefer to drive anyways. This fits me so, for me, it's almost a non issue.

3- Features
Oh the things that you learn you love after not having them. Heated seats are great. Heated steering wheel great. Remote start is nice, but I don't know if it will be worth the subscription fee (we'll see, guess it will depend on price). The integration with Android Auto is smooth. When you use remote start, the car doesn't automatically pair with your phone. If you hit the settings bit and tell it to pair with the device you need it too that solves that problem instantly. The powered lift gate/trunk/rear door is great too. I had been slightly jealous of the Fit's hatchback for a while so now I'm glad my daily drive has one too. The very adjustable driver's seat - totally great. Nice to be able to get a fully customized to you way of driving.

All in all, well worth it, even with out the tax credit. I'm looking forward to getting a cargo rack and kayak carrier as well.

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Awesome. What was your miles per kWh like during the cold weather trips?
Heya - So I wasn't paying that much attention to it, but I was seeing 180-190 range at full charge from the Guess-o-Meter.
I found that making sure 'Eco' was on for both climate control and the drive mode added a bit of range. I also started getting more by putting the regenerative braking up to '3' - it's a lot like the s-pedal driving.
I really suspect if you use the Adaptive Cruise Control on the highway you'll get better miles/kWh as well, since the car is in control of acceleration/deceleration and speed.
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