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Heya - So I wasn't paying that much attention to it, but I was seeing 180-190 range at full charge from the Guess-o-Meter.
I found that making sure 'Eco' was on for both climate control and the drive mode added a bit of range. I also started getting more by putting the regenerative braking up to '3' - it's a lot like the s-pedal driving.
I really suspect if you use the Adaptive Cruise Control on the highway you'll get better miles/kWh as well, since the car is in control of acceleration/deceleration and speed.
In my ten days commuting in northern NJ, I go 28 miles each way, I average 2.7 miles per kWh used and the weather has been between 30s and 40s when driving. The commute is about 25 miles driving on highway each way and I always use adaptive cruise control and have it set to 70 mph. With the Guess o meter I usually have it depletes about 40 - 45 miles depending on weather. My climate is set to 70, sync, with 1 fan speed and I use auto on seat warmers and steering wheel. I don’t use eco on climate but I should. I use S pedal exclusively when the battery is low enough to allow it (like 90ish percent used has been my observation) but when s pedal is unable to be activated because of high charge I use the paddles and have it on level 4. Love the car, wish the charge speed was better. Currently I charge it after every two round trip commute trips and when I plug it into my level 2 juice box, Solterra app generally gives the notification that the battery is between 29 and 33 % left. It takes about 7 hours to charge to 100% gaining around 45 to 48 kWh in 7 hours. Have not tried dc charging yet because I haven’t had a need. Wish we also were given battery percentage on top of the guess o meter. But I was responding because I pretty much exclusively use cruise control and just wanted to share my numbers from using it. I don’t think it’s as optimized as it should be and hopefully more updates will be released to improve the car. Also US app on iOS needs to fix the ALWAYS asking to approve connection to the car
1 - 1 of 8 Posts