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Digital Key - Multiple Drivers

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Not sure where to post this, but my issue has to do with sharing a digital key with my wife:

We finally got my digital key paired with the head unit, which allowed me to send out an invitation to my wife. She has her own profile and both of our seats adjust properly when either of us drives the car.

The ONLY problem is that when I invite her to share our digital key, and she receives the message with a link to the Connect app (she has already installed it), it brings up her current Connect app with the button that says, "Add Vehicle." When she taps on that she's given the message that instructs her to click on the QR code (or connect with a code) that appears on the infotainment screen. BUT THERE IS NO QR CODE.

Can anyone help with this presumably last step to getting her connected to the Remote features that I already enjoy?
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Here’s an interesting anecdote about a digital key “boo-boo” in a Tesla…

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