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STIS service manual electrical diagrams show connector N20 as "OPTION CONNECTOR" on the No. 1 Roof Wire.

It shows a five pin connector near the rear view mirror. It's a white connector, Toyota part number 90980-12365. That five pin connector is used on other models as part of wiring in the seats, so a bit more work would probably expose the mating connector part number if someone wanted to roll-their-own cable to plug right in.

It's wired with a Ground and two 12V lines.

One 12V line is on the 10A ECU-B No. 2 fuse (constant battery power).

The second is on the 10A ECU-IGR No. 2 fuse (switched "ignition").
It appears 90980-12366 (one number up) is the female counterpart. Thanks n6nl
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