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Another rather unenthusiastic review on the Bz4X.
It's getting more difficult to shrug them off.
The Solterra and BuzzForx aren't for everyone (and today's a good thing). Some people will be better served by other EVs (and non-EVs). But for some people either vehicle is a good choice. Luckily we aren't all the same and our needs/priorities aren't all the same. There is no one "best car" for everyone.

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The Yahoo article is a re-arranged version of the original Consumer Reports first drive report. Very odd.

Anyhow, the quirks of the bz4x are the same as the RAV4 Prime... I'm certain they just use the same 6.6 kW charging part. Shared parts is not a bad thing because you know they have been well tested and they will be available. Probably the same DC-DC converter too that charges the 12V battery.

The whole pig snout gear selector... yeah no thanks. They took the Prime's mode selector (Sport/Normal/Eco) and made it for gears. I'm glad they made the middle button NOT Park because I'd accidentally hit that but they did make it Neutral. The Mach-E has the same selector but I had to look down every time because it was "P R N P" and it was impossible to know if you were in Reverse without looking down.

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