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charging mileage

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When you charge a Solterra, it is supposed to give you 220 miles to drive. When I first got the Sollterra it would charge to 225 miles (level 2 charger). It has steadily gone down on each charge since then. It currently will only charge to 195 miles.
I am curious what other owners get out of a charge or if anyone else has this problem.
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That's just what the meter is suggesting is the potential number of miles. It seems to "learn" based on your driving habits and is supposed to become more accurate over time is my understanding. Mine was dropping quite a bit when I took delivery in March because its so cold, now that its warming up its rising.
Agreed… That’s why it’s referred to as the “guess-o-meter”.

The estimated mileage will vary due to a number of factors… driving environment, terrain, individual driving style, etc.
Unfortunately, it cannot become more accurate over time because it cannot predict what your future driving situation is. Just like in gas cars, electric cars mileage varies depending on a number of variables. Imagine if one month you are driving your car and it's 70° out. And then the next day it is 10° out. You get in the car and it will predict that you will have the same mileage you got when it was 70, but with the cold temperatures you will get significantly less distance. The car cannot predict the weather, or whether you're going up and down mountains, or any of the other variables that affect mileage. The estimate of future mileage is based on your recent mileage since you last reset the cumulative mileage gauge.
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Actually, with intelligent routing, mapping, weather observations and predictions, it could do a great job of estimating energy usage. It just doesn’t.

That would be grand, but the question was about the current ability of the Solterra estimated mileage system. I understand that ABetterRoutePlanner does have the ability to Realtime weather into account, as well as a number of other variables. I will be keeping an eye out for these improved range/navigation software options. (I currently drive a Nissan LEAF 62kwh, so rely on ABRP)
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We're splitting hairs, but I would argue that adjusting the meter based upon your previous driving habits would be more accurate than not doing that, but I agree that it still is not accurate if it doesn't also take into account things that it does have access too like temperature.
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