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Charge Door/Flap Doesn’t Lock

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Any other owners check this? Unless I am missing something. It seems that when you lock the doors (and you’re not charging), the charge door/flap does not lock. You can still push it open and get to the charging ports. So if someone wants to be malicious they could destroy you charge port. This seems like an issue to me?

EDIT: for reference, every gas car from Subaru, Honda or Acura I have had in the past 15 years all lock the fuel filler door if it’s not a model that has a button or release inside. If it’s a push to open style, like the charge flap is, they lock. My wife’s 23 Forester has a push to open fuel door (they removed the release inside at the drivers door), and it locks when you lock the vehicle. So this is what I would expect the charge door to do.
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Well, you can't siphon electricity. Can't remember if the flap locked on my Kona EV. But if someone wanted to damage your car, lots of other ways to do it, if they want.
Oh I agree. But there is a lot of EV haters out there and this seems like a great target for them cause they know it’s not just a key job, it cripples the owner.
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