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■ The solar charging system uses a solar roof with an integrated solar cell to generate photovoltaic power which is then used to charge the high voltage battery according to the vehicle condition while parked and to compensate for the consumption of the 12 V battery system while the vehicle is being driven. In addition, the solar charging system charges and discharges the solar battery during this process.
■ The solar charging system consists of a solar roof, a solar battery, a solar energy control unit, a high voltage battery and a 12 V battery.
■ The orange high voltage power cable is connected between the solar energy control unit and high voltage battery. High voltage is applied when the high voltage battery is charging.
■ The solar energy control unit has 3 built-in DC-DC converters: for the high voltage battery, solar battery and auxiliary system.
■ A 15 A fuse is used to prevent a dangerous situation even if there is a large flow of current.
■ The high voltage battery is not charged except for when the power switch is off.
■ Depending on conditions such as solar radiation and temperature, the solar roof can reach a maximum voltage of approximately 50 V.
■ Refer to the QRS for each model for the locations of the high voltage electrical components.
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