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This is an interesting article I read today, it sounds like Tesla "may" open up their Supercharger network to all EV's via CCS. It looks like it would need an adapter, but would allow the Tesla proprietary plug to connect to a CCS standard DCFC port.

This is excellent, considering the Tesla Supercharger network's coverage as well as the Electrify America network coverage (along with the smaller players like EVGo or ChargePoint). Huge fan of options here, and you can't have enough charging stations.'

Having charging options is part of the quandary of people choosing an EV. Adapters open up more locations and avoid range anxiety.

Interestingly enough, they don't offer a CCS to Tesla adapter yet - which would allow the inverse and Teslas could charge via CCS at EA and other DCFC sites.

Ideally, I would like Teslas to offer a default or option for a CCS charger and then feature an adapter as such to connect to the Tesla proprietary charges as needed. Accessibility to charge seems like the largest holdback of people adapting EV's in general.

Tesla Launches CCS1 Charging Adapter In South Korea: Soon In US? (
If it does happen, Elon Musk will give preferential treatment to Tesla owners by charging them at a lower rate. :(
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